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“I take humor very seriously” - Joel Sommer


Joel loves to have fun with words. Besides bringing strong and creative content to the table, he considers his amiable and good-natured personality to be one of his strongest assets. “I’m fun to work with”, he quietly whispers in the back of a Multnomah County library as he searches for books.

During his 8 years working in technology for Nike, he enjoyed writing pieces of music journalism for The Deli Magazine and Vortex Magazine, tracking bands and their performances in the Portland music scene and beyond. He also created and published The Bourbon Boar, a rhyming storybook, in 2014, along with artist and friend Wesley Hubbard (The Wooden Cyclops).

After saying goodbye to Nike, he made the plunge into the (sometimes scary) full-time creative world in 2017 and has not looked back. Working closely with Kimball Design, he has taken on multiple projects in brand-creation, packaging copywriting and web-copy for clients in the Food, Beverage and Cannabis industries. On his own, he has provided social-media and marketing services to Attis Trading Co, Cultivate Capital and Cultivate Brands. 

Joel also enjoys making, recording and performing hip-hop and rock music. He has years of table tennis experience as a player and coach and taught a PE course at Reed College for over 2 years and won first place in the U1700 event at the 2019 Rose City Open Tournament. Joel believes that creativity and a pursuit of aesthetics applies to all disciplines of life and is an integral part of an enriched experience here on our small planet.





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